How to buy?

If this is the first time you enter our web, to research products you have to enter in the search box, located in the upper right zone, the word you want to find. You can also search for products through our categorie's menu.

Once you have found the desired product, by clicking on it, you’ll enter to the product information where you can see everything related to this product. From here, you can start the buying process by selecting the desired units by pressing the button “buy now”. This operation can be repeated as often as desired.

Then, the producs will be added to the shopping cart, showing the total amount. If you want to see the contents of the shopping cart, you must click on the icon of the cart from the top zone. Finally, simply click Checkout.

From here, you will get a screen with two options:

  • Login
  • Create an account

The first option is for users who already have an account and have purchased at least once in our web. You should only enter your username and password.

Chossing the second option you will create an account if you've never bought on our website.You must fill in all fields been asked.

Once this is completed, it will pass to the payout phase where you can select the payment method that suits you. After that, the system will automatically send you an email with purchase details.

When we verify that the payment was successful, we proceed to the preparation for shipment.


There are many new products every day come to light, we always try to have the vast majority of them on the web, but if it is not the case, it may be that we have not upload the product to the web but we have it in our pharmacy. So please contact us as follows:

  • By email or by direct contact tab to
  • By phone at (+376) 801 859
  • By fax at (+376) 801 860
  • Or when you finish shopping in the comment tab where you can post reviews about products.